Yoga In The Sky


I went with my friend Anita to try out an early morning yoga class at the Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street. 

The class started at 6:30 am which meant a very early start to the day! It was all worth it when we arrived in time to watch the sun rise over London, and observe the tranquility and calm before the inevitable rush of the day ahead. The views alone of the Gherkin, St Paul's Cathedral, the Shard, the London Eye and Thames River were enough to tempt you back - an orange blanket over the peaceful city.

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The yoga class itself was great for our capabilities - manageable sequences with the option of more challenging poses for advanced Yogi's! A full body workout that stretched all muscle groups to promote healthy blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Deep, abdominal breathing also helped to encourage movement throughout the body. 

It is beneficial to practice yoga in in the morning because our stress hormone (cortisol) levels are very high when we wake up. There are lots of great yoga sequences on youtube that are easy to follow. Choose a length of time that suits you - even 5 minutes in the morning before you read your emails and check your phone will help.

We felt very relaxed at the end of the class and enjoyed a coffee with a view before we left for work! Outside the city was buzzing, business resumed as usual. It was a great start to the day - I left feeling relaxed and motivated and would definitely go back again. 

Tickets are released occasionally on Billetto and include 20% off breakfast at the Darwin Brasserie so you can enjoy the view from the other side of the building.

I am looking forward to trying some new places - please comment below if you have any recommendations.