Individual Consultations with Holly Siddall M.Ost

Our appointments last an hour to allow in depth consultations and treatment that appreciate the complex nature of pain, and allow us to identify and diagnose the source of your pain, and prevent future flare ups. Our health and wellness experts consider your medical history and lifestyle factors to provide personalised treatment.

In the short term we combine the three modalities of sports massage, medical acupuncture and osteopathy to provide the quickest possible pain relief.  We don't just stop there, our main goal is to eliminate predisposing factors that caused that injury to happen in the first place, and prevent it from happening again in the future. Injuries left undiagnosed or untreated may lead to more tissue damage that might be even more difficult to treat in the future.

In other words, we don't just stick a 'band-aid' on, we try to understand the root cause.

Not all patients have pain. some just want to learn more about preventative health and visit us for a quarterly 'MOT'. Our philosophy is that knowledge is power, and if you know exactly how your body functions, and areas for improvement, you have the tools to prevent future flare ups and take control of your aches and pains. Take your healthy wellbeing to the next level; with your permission we will work alongside other healthcare professionals to ensure the best continuity of care. We work as a team with our in-house personal trainers and Private GP to follow your personal management plan.

Other Services

We also offer private GP services, personal training and life coaching.